We are two empty nesters.  farmhouse life IMG 0995

We retired three years ago and thought long and hard about moving South.  Still think about it.  However, we decided to do something off-the-wall instead.  Rather than downsizing, we sold our almost 2,000 sq. foot home in town and bought six acres with a 3,300 sq. foot vintage farmhouse.  More than once, we were referred to as “crazy.”  But, we are loving it.

We continue to be busy updating our 1825 home and enjoying the land and pond.  All the seasons are lovely here but Summer is WONDERFUL.  Lots of picnics with family and friends.  Fishing for the kids, tree swing, slip-n-slide and exploring.  That is the reason we decided to buy this place, Family Time!

We also recently bought a small vintage camping trailer we plan to redo, vintage style and park by the pond for a homespun camping experience.

Along the way, we will share our renovating experiences, as well as farmhouse living, entertaining and enjoying the Simple Farmhouse Life.  Nothing better than sitting on the porch, overlooking the pond, enjoying iced sweet mint tea (grown in the garden) and catching up with family and friends while drooling over the aroma of dinner being prepared on the grill.

Everyone goes through refeathered nest experiences in life.  Life changes, whether from retirement, becoming suddenly single or just wanting a change.  Embrace the new chapter in your life and enjoy the moment.

We definitely are and will be busy in our refeathered nest life.  When not at home with our three rescue dogs, we plan to take our grandchildren on travel adventures as well as sneaking away, just the two of us, on romantic adventures.

We hope you will enjoy our blog as much as we enjoy living it.

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